MoonBoot Icon Silver Glitter Boots - Women

SKU: 2000032483237


The Icon Silver Glitter Boots are eye-catching and functional shoes, with water-repellent properties, PVC trims for stability, and thermoplastic midsole for comfort. Gender-neutral and can be worn on both sides. The special foam lining adapts to the shape of the foot. Size tip: Choose one size larger.

Material: Upper material 100% nylon, shoe trims 100% PVC, lining 100% polyester, midsole 100% thermoplastic rubber, sole 100% rubber.

Care instructions: 1. Remove dirt with a soft, dry brush. 2. Treat stains with a damp cloth, mild detergent and water. 3. Clean the midsole and outsole with a soft brush and mild detergent. 4. Allow shoes to dry at room temperature.

Color: Silver

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