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Cashmere waistcoat

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Discover the timeless elegance and unrivalled comfort of this exquisite waistcoat made from pure cashmere. Finely crafted and simply smooth knitted, it is the epitome of luxury and understated style. The contrasting ribbed pattern on the waistband gives this waistcoat a subtle texture while emphasising the fine craftsmanship. The design is enhanced by the slightly offset V-neckline, which gives the garment a striking yet understated touch. Simple buttons blend harmoniously into the overall look and emphasise the subtle sophistication of this waistcoat.

100% cashmere

Care instructions: Wash on 0° wool programme, spin on 600, special trick: use a little baby shampoo instead of detergent, lay on towel to dry, do not hang, when almost dry: only put in the dryer for a few minutes to fluff up, do not bleach, do not dry clean, do not wet clean, do not iron; can also be aired out in the cold in winter
Cashmere waistcoat
Cashmere waistcoat Sale price€649,00