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Avana winter boots

SKU: 2000031539416
Sale price€209,00

The Avana, made of durable polyester and hydrophobic York leather, impresses with its external durability. The wool lining provides warmth, and the Olantex membrane offers reliable weather protection. With PU sole, rubber profile and two-layer rubber sole with PU anti-shock midsole, it offers optimal surefootedness and shock absorption.

Hydro-York leather, polyester fabric
Lining: wool, OlanTex

Care instructions: Gently remove loose dirt particles. Treat stains with a damp cloth and mild soap. Waterproof regularly. Care for wool lining by combing and washing gently. Check integrity of Olantex membrane. Clean the soles and check their condition regularly. Store boots in a cool, dry place in a shoe bag or box. Important: Do not use silicone products to protect the shoe coating.

Avana winter boots
Avana winter boots Sale price€209,00